David Kam

A Silicon Valley product designer and systems thinker.

About me


Design Work


Driving brand engagement

Helping enterprise companies leverage their brand experience by designing mobile apps, dashboards, and more as part of a larger engagement platform.

hacked android tablet mockup.png

A faster lesson planning experience

Decreasing lesson-planning time for afterschool instructors with an Android tablet app. I lead the research and usability testing for this group project.

research mockup.png

Identifying experiences that drive revenue

I conducted research to understand the elements of the user experience that inspire people to buy expensive niche items online for Karmic bikes, an e-bike company in California .

render with homepage.png

Facilitating better customer communication

Decreasing customer frustration by design a customer service portal for an e-commerce website to get users the assistance they need.

Improving Reddit Onboarding

Familiarize new users with Reddit's layout and features through a tutorial modal. I led research as part of this group project.

Other Endeavours

Daily UI

Small design challenges to help me improve my visual skills.


I contribute to a podcast with my friend Julian Jensen. We talk about our design experiences, various subjects in UX, and sometimes we talk with other designers.


I design luxury freshwater aquarium systems. Everything you see is alive and designed with a high attention to detail.

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